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Here’s what you need to know about our Virtual Assistants. We’re resourceful, we’re  professional, we’re very experienced Social Media Managers (and we have amazing stats to prove it).  Mostly, we’re not afraid to sweetly, gently but forcefully crack the whip when needed. When you choose a Virtual Assistant for your administration or social activity, choose the one who knows how to get stuff done.

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Considering a Freelancer? Why we’re better affordable Social Media Managers

Here’s why you should choose a Clearly Admin virtual assistant over a freelance Social Media Manager or  V.A. – even if you take a holiday you’ll know your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus was covered, you won’t risk losing that engagement you’ve been building. You could feel 100% confident that your admin would be done, so you wouldn’t need to worry about losing money while you’re away.  Don’t trust a freelance Social Media Manager or Adminstrator with your livelihood.  Clearly Admin has a team of reliable and skilled Online Marketing Professionals and Administrative Genii to help you with the day to day growth of your business, even if you’re not there!

Choosing a freelance social media “expert” could be the worst decision you ever made.  Ask us why.

About Kristena Lowry, Chief Virtual Assistant and Office Manager :

About Kristena Lowry, Chief Virtual Assistant and Office Manager

Kristena has over 20 years experience working in the education, retail and administrative services industries.  She enjoys working behind the scenes to help small businesses grow to their full potential.

When she's not working or running after her two small children, she enjoys indulging her passions for reading and sewing.


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Forget freelancers, our Virtual Assistant services make more time for you and makes running your business more enjoyable. Isn’t it time you outsourced the boring stuff and focused on being a great small business owner?

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