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How to Market Your Virtual Assistant Business

How to Market Your Virtual Assistant Business

So you’ve finally taken the plunge and started your very own Virtual Assistant business – well done!      Now that your business is all set up, you may be asking yourself how to market your Virtual Assistant business after all, you now need is a client or three to help kickstart both your business and your confidence! To help, today we are taking a look at 5 ways to help you market your virtual assistant business.


The best way to help drum up interest in your new business and get your name out there is through networking. Join local business groups, attend functions/events and conferences even if they don’t seem to fit your niche – you never know how many potential clients you may meet!

Stand out from the crowd

Anyone who has been to a networking event knows they will inevitably come home with a pile of business cards that in most instances are forgotten about. Make yourself stand out from the crowd with a bright and memorable business card that people will be drawn to and remember. You might decide to use fun colours, rounded corners or a slightly different shape, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you stand out!

Reach out to your existing contacts

Get in touch with all of your existing contacts and let them know you’ve started your very own virtual assistant business and what services you offer. As well letting them know how you can help them with their business, it’s also a great idea to ask if they can put you in touch with anyone else they know who may be a potential client.

Create social media profiles for your business

Spend some time creating and populating your profiles across the social media channels which are essential for your VA business – LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter are great places to start.

Demonstrate your knowledge and experience

If you read an article or post online that you have an opinion on, can offer advice or help out with – leave a comment! This is a great way build your profile and contacts – just make sure you don’t come across too self promoting.

What are your best tips to market a VA business?

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