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Why a Virtual Assistant is Better Than a Personal Assistant

why-a-virtual-assistant-is-better-than-a-personal-assistantWe all want to do what’s best for our business, and the decision to take on new staff and delegate tasks that we have looked after right from the very beginning can be daunting.  In many circumstances there is not always enough work to justify taking on a full time or even part time employee, so today we are looking at just a few of the reasons why a virtual assistant is better than a personal assistant for your business.

Reduced cost

Hiring a virtual assistant is generally less expensive than a personal assistant as you don’t have to pay additional costs such as leave entitlements, superannuation and insurance.  You are also saving costs associated with providing office space and equipment for a physical employee.

Increased productivity

A virtual assistant will bill you only for the time taken to complete a task.  In many cases the productivity of a virtual assistant will be higher than that of an employee as they know they will only get paid once the work is completed and you are not paying for periods of time when there is little work for your employee.


Virtual assistants are often more flexible when it comes to both the number of hours they work and when. Depending on where your virtual assistant is located, you may find they can complete their work while you sleep!

Employ a range of experts

Instead of trying to find one person who has experience in multiple areas, you can instead hire multiple virtual assistants who each have the specific expertise you need to complete specific tasks within your business.

Flexible working arrangements

You can choose to employ a virtual assistant for a one off short term project, or you may engage them in an ongoing role.  By working with a virtual assistant, you can delegate work only when you need to and have the reassurance it will get done.

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