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Why You Should Join A Virtual Assistant Agency

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When starting your career as a virtual assistant, a question many people ask themselves is “Why should I join a virtual assistant agency?”  While everyone’s experience and circumstances are different, to help, today we are going to talk about why you should join a virtual assistant agency.

It’s important to firstly distinguish the difference between a virtual assistant network vs a virtual assistant agency.  A virtual assistant network is membership based group that generally complies lists of virtual assistants and their areas of specialities for clients to get in touch with them.  To become a member, virtual assistants generally pay a membership fee which allows them to have their details on the network’s database and they are then advised when potential clients list jobs which they may be suitable for.  The employment agreement is strictly between the virtual assistant and the client and the virtual assistant keeps all of the income they earn and it’s up to individual virtual assistants to arrange their employment terms and conditions.

A virtual assistant agency differs from a virtual assistant network as the virtual assistants are employed directly by the agency, who then allocates their virtual assistants to clients.  Clients pay the agency directly who in turn pay the wages of their virtual assistants.  In some instance an agency will also be responsible for their workers tax and workers compensation requirements.  Some of the advantages of joining a virtual assistant agency include:

  • The agency is responsible for sourcing new clients and work, eliminating the stress for you.
  • In many instances the agency is responsible for your tax, superannuation and workers compensation insurance.
  • You can choose to accept and decline offers based on your workload.
  • An agency will have an extensive network of contacts and clients which means they are more likely to have ongoing work for you.

We’d love to hear from you, have you been part of a virtual assistant network or agency before? What are your thoughts?

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