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Why Choose Our Affordable Virtual Assistant And Social Media Management Services?

Here’s everything you need to know about our virtual assistants:

  • we’re resourceful
  • we’re professional
  • we’re very experienced administration and social media managers.

We promise clear communication and friendly service – but we’re not afraid to crack the whip when needed. When you choose a Clearly Admin virtual assistant for your administration or social media activity, you’re choosing an assistant who knows how to get stuff done.

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Better, more affordable administration and social media managers

So, why do our clients choose a Clearly Admin virtual assistant?

Holidays: When you’re in small business, holidays are rare! With a trusted Clearly Admin VA on board, you’ll know your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus pages are covered. That means no risk of losing that engagement you’ve been building.

Too busy: Need to spend more time on sales, nurturing client relationships or researching new products? Be 100% confident that your admin will still be done, those newsletters will still be sent, and the right images and blog posts will be uploaded, no matter how busy your week gets.

A trusted hand: Don’t trust a random freelance social media manager or administrator with your livelihood. Clearly Admin has a team of reliable and skilled online administrative professionals and social media managers ready to work with you. Our team is keen to truly understand your business and develop a relationship that helps you with the day to day growth of your business, even if you’re not there!

Choosing a freelance social media ‘expert’ you’ve found through Google could be the worst decision you ever made.  Ask us why.

Real people, real administrative results

Kristena Lowry is the talented manager at the helm of Clearly Admin. She is a mum of two spirited children and has 20 years’ experience in education, retail and admin service industries.

In 2012, she started running her own e-commerce store. She soon came to understand the increasing demand for outsourced services among her retail colleagues, and a virtual assistant business blossomed. This led her to purchasing Clearly Admin, previously known as Mum’s Virtual Assistant, in 2016.

Kristena and her hardworking team are all too familiar with the constant juggling that running a small business requires. As professionals balancing their own families and business careers, they understand the challenges – and know how to provide the right solutions.

Forget freelancers offering great deals online for assistant services. Clearly Admin virtual assistants offer reliable, affordable virtual assistant services with clear communication and clear results.

Get all the benefits of a loyal staff member, without the overheads! You get more time to enjoy your business – and your life – while an assistant who knows and cares about your business takes care of time consuming or frustrating administration.

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