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How Hiring a Personal Assistant Grew my Business

In 2014, I started my own business as a family lawyer in Brisbane. For the previous approximately 18 years, I had worked in law firms and had been supported by a team of administration. Bookkeepers, accounts clerks, receptionists, marketing assistants and, most importantly, a personal assistant. Starting Out When I started my own business, like … Read more

Why You Should Join A Virtual Assistant Agency

When starting your career as a virtual assistant, a question many people ask themselves is “Why should I join a virtual assistant agency?”  While everyone’s experience and circumstances are different, to help, today we are going to talk about why you should join a virtual assistant agency. It’s important to firstly distinguish the difference between … Read more

10 Jobs A Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

If you are struggling to find enough hours in the day to work on building your business, employing a virtual assistant is for you.  A virtual assistant can give you back precious hours (even days!) each week to work on your business by taking away many of those administrative duties which while being important for … Read more

How to Market Your Virtual Assistant Business

So you’ve finally taken the plunge and started your very own Virtual Assistant business – well done!      Now that your business is all set up, you may be asking yourself how to market your Virtual Assistant business after all, you now need is a client or three to help kickstart both your business … Read more

How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business

Now that you’ve made the decision to start your own Virtual Assistant business, what’s next? To help get your business up and running in no time, we’ve put together our five best tips on how to start a Virtual Assistant business. Do your research Read everything you can find about setting up your own virtual … Read more